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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just Found...

in the kids' bathroom upstairs...

the remains of the can of chocolate frosting I used on Carmen's cake from yesterday that I am quite certain I had placed in the trash.

Also missing, my blackberry jelly filled donut.

Someone needs to explain to Kay to never, ever take a pregnant woman's food craving of the moment. I so was looking forward to that donut.

In other food news, Agnes, who still is not a fan of pancakes "mmmm, mmmmed" her way through her dinner of chicken salad and asked for more.

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juli said...

i'm not a fan of having to share my donuts with antonio either. :)

did i not tell you antonio finally ate TWO chicken nuggets?! he better have, the boy scarfed down saag (indian creamed spinach with spices) like it was going out of style.