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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Catching Up

Where to start?

First of all, I must ask you all to wish my dear mother a belated birthday (July 1). They were still in Peru, and she missed terribly not being able to celebrate with hear children and grandchildren. Especially since it was a special birthday. Will she be mad if I say how old? How about I just call it her emerald birthday and you can figure out what that means. Unknown to her, my sister and I had planned a family dinner this past Sunday after they returned on Friday. It was wonderful. Best of all we did celebrate the amazing gift my mother is to our family. I love you Mami!

Second of all, my dear son turned ten yesterday (July 7). Ten! I can hardly believe it. He has taught me so much, even starting with labor and delivery. He was my first completely natural delivery and because of it, I've always known I can do it for my other children (even if I panic every time I hit transition). He is the sweetest boy I know. Strong enough to put up with two older sisters and gentle enough to delight the little girls. I love watching him grow. Now he is in one of my favorite ages because now and then I get a glimpse of the man he will become. And a lovely sight it is! Happy Birthday dear Sam!

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