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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Catching Up

First of all, the new header image was taken by Maddy last year. They are the bluebells at Bull Run park. This is one of our very favorite places in the spring. We've gone every year for...well, a long time. We can hardly wait to take them in again this year.

Life has been busy. A new soccer season, this time with Carmen and Anna playing. Also two new teams. Carmen's new team is just right for her and I think she'll grow a lot as a player. Anna's just getting the hang of playing on a team. I know she loves it. Anna hates being cold, I mean really hates it. It was cold on Saturday at her early morning game. She didn't complain once. In fact, I don't think she stopped grinning the whole time.

We started a whole bunch of seedlings indoors and many of them are big enough to transplant. Hopefully we can get some of this done today. I will try to have Maddy take pictures.

I forgot to mention Easter dinner, here at my house. It was wonderful. I think I'm getting the hang of the BIG family gathering. Of course it helps when your mother and sister are gracious enough to help with lots of the food. And we did cheat and use paper/plastic for the table. But it was wonderful.

And even better, Easter week saw my parents back in their new and improved (and breathtakingly beautiful) home. It really is lovely. And I will admit, I totally covet my mother's kitchen. The kitchen was always the heart of our home and the new space they've created is more inviting and cozy than ever. And I will have you know my parents should go into business as interior designers. Everything, I mean everything, was personally picked and arranged by them. They have exquisite taste. Even though many things are so different, the house still speaks of who they are and what they value most...family.

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