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Friday, April 11, 2008

Baby Talk

Last night I was just me and Agnes getting her ready for bed. Usually Dave is there too, but he was "blowing some guys up" online (it was a bad day at work).

Getting ready for bed consists of nursing Agnes and then sitting and chatting and playing until it is officially "night-night". First off, she only nurses in the morning and at bedtime. So I really treasure when she gets to "newse". Last night she was having fun naming the parts of her body. She was sitting snuggled up against me, with her feet under my blanket. When I asked her to show me her foot she had to work hard to pull it out from under. She was so pleased when she accomplished this she looked up at me, holding up her little foot, and said, "Mama! Its a foot!" It blew my away to hear my baby talk to me. She amazes us all. The other night at dinner she very clearly turned to Ma-ee (Maddy) and asked for a patin (napkin). Even more amazing to her is that she realizes we know what she means.

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