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Monday, March 10, 2008

The days are getting away from me...

or where I whine (just a little).

I posted about the laundry situation. Actually, I've posted many times about laundry situations. I vowed that Lent would see the end of the laundry situation. WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH ALL THIS CLOTHES?! Sheesh. Today for some reason, as I did 4 loads of laundry, I think I despaired. I felt stupid. I mean, really...Then I read Elizabeth's post and the light bulb went off. Duh. Can you believe I never did the math on the amount of clothes and shoes a big family needs? I know I have 7 children. Really I do. I just don't always realize what that entails. Food is the other thing that stumps me. Trust me, 7 children and 2 adults eat a lot of food. A LOT. And so I stared despair down, put the load into the dryer and started the washer again...and reminded myself how very much I love all these dear people in my house.

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juli said...

i can't even imagine. i feel like i'm always washing antonio's clothes. though, he does have a lot of clothes for one little baby. you should get one of those jumbo machines they have at laundromats. that'd be awesome.