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Friday, February 08, 2008

Picture Perfect Indeed

Cay Gibson's name has come up many times here. With good reason. She is an invaluable resource on using quality children's literature in the home. Her newest book proves this.

One summer semester in college I took an education class about children's literature. I had always loved reading and this class reminded me precisely why good books for children were an untapped resource for educators. It expanded my knowledge and sparked an even deeper interest in the artistry of picture books. Cay's new book is like a continuing education on this very topic.

A Picture Perfect Childhood is a treasure box of inspiration and information. I think Cay mentioned somewhere that she doesn't consider this a "how-to" book, but after reading through it, I may have to disagree. The extensive reading lists on many many subjects are almost enough to craft a rich, beautiful education for any child all on their own. I've already made numerous requests at the library and I am planning out when to make the rest throughout the year. And she shows us in real and intimate ways the why and how to use the bounty of children's literature.

In my own home, I can attest to what Cay is talking about. I teach a co-op class of Virginia history. The kids are fourth through sixth grade. The kids all scoffed at first, when I presented them with the picture book (dare I say "baby book") I was going to read to them about George Washington. But you know what? The moment I opened it up, started reading, shared the art work, I had them. They listened, they learned. They "met" George Washington. Today we did the same with Robert E. Lee. It was a joy to share these books with them.

Bring A Picture Perfect Childhood into your home. I promise it will enrich your families, even if you never homeschool. Share the joy and beauty of picture books. Cay has really made it so simple and fun.

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