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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

On Parenting

I have read very few "parenting" books. Hmmm, this post is tough to write.

First off, let me say that I am speaking for myself, from my experience, from what I have lived. I was not an anxious first time mom. I didn't fret or worry about every wet or poopy diaper or little sniffle. I figured out how to breastfeed and went with that. I also went to work part-time. By six months my plump and forever hungry baby all but grabbed food off my plate. So I started making her food and she has loved every bite since then. She quit nursing before she turned on1. And from that point on every one of my children has been completely different in how long the nursed, when they ate, where they slept. I have almost done it all, including bottles and formula (for one child) and store bought baby food (Eek!). I have all kinds of spacing too. And my greatest joy lately is seeing my 15 month old toted around on her 9 year old brother's hip.

So when Danielle posted and started a very interesting conversation about Attachment Parenting I was intrigued. I love Danielle and how she writes about mothering. You see, she lives my life every day. She knows precisely how I succeed and fail every day. And it is totally okay that the way I parent is not comprised of checklists and rules about how to do it perfect. If I am living in God's grace and will for my family then that is good enough. Elizabeth has a great post about all of this. I have ssooo many thoughts and things I would like to add, but I must finish cooking dinner. I will give you the link for the Heart, Mind Strength blog where you can read in detail Greg Popcak's reponse to Danielle.

If I can organize my thoughts a bit more, I hope to post on this one more time.

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