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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Last post on this

So, I've been thinking some more about my post last night.

My biggest concern with Dr. Popcak's response to Danielle is that despite the fact that he claims he is not about guilt or telling people that "his" way is the "THE CATHOLIC WAY" to live out our domestic church, this quote makes me think otherwise:
I really don't intend to imply anything of the sort. I agree that all Catholic parents are aiming to raise saints. I would simply argue that those who do not use AP are aiming with a gun that doesn't shoot straight. Of course, you can still hit the target, but it takes a heck of a lot more (unproductive and pointless) work to get there.
A gun that doesn't shoot straight?! Unproductive and pointless?! Puhleaze! It is precisely these types of statements that unfairly burden families and spouses with philosophies and ideas that are not placed on them by the Church. Indeed, I am quite certain countless saints were not raised or spaced AP style. Am I really to believe that my oldest daughters, a mere 14 months apart, have been burdened with "unproductive and pointless" work as they grow in grace and wisdom together? Tell me how unproductive it is that have learned amazing lessons in sharing small spaces, in appreciating each other's talents, in fiercely defending each other. What is pointless about how my children have learned to love and appreciate each other and what they bring to the family?

And by the way, I also firmly believe that ANY Catholic, devout family, aiming for heaven, with whatever grace God gives them, be they blessed with many children or a a precious few, are striving for the sainthood in the best way God calls them too. This is not about defending or promoting the benefits of many children. I am blessed and enriched by families of all sizes in our life.

But I cannot stand the argument that I have chosen something less than perfect in my own life because I have welcomed these dear souls. And I cannot stand any Catholic thinking that this is the burden placed on them by the Church. Just as I will not tell any family that they must have a certain number of children if they want their gun to shoot straight. I'll take my crooked aiming gun and the help of seven pairs of hands over the "perfect" shooter every day of the week. After all, its the weapon God in wisdom blessed me with.

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