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Thursday, December 06, 2007

St. Nicholas

This week has been a lesson in being content with little things. We are not reading important volumes of great literature or solving complex math problems. We are not making the house look like the inside of a Martha Stewart holiday issue. We are barely getting enough laundry done.

We are reading beautiful stories, crafting and filling the house with the most scrumptious aromas.

Today we celebrated St. Nicholas. There were chocolate gold coins with breakfast. Why not? There were delicious cookies. No, I once again missed the opportunity to order a St. Nicholas cookie mold/cutter. The wise man cutter from the gingerbread Nativity set worked just as well. Thanks Jenn for the recipe. They are soooo good. We are praying for your little gift, almost ready to meet his family.

We read The Miracle of St. Nicholas and I tried very hard not to cry. I'll admit, my voice cracked and I had to take a deep breath before continuing at parts. Little girls carefully colored in icons of St. Nicholas.

The sweetest part of the day was Agnes pointing with delight and laughing at the icon of St. Nicholas. You see, I had been showing it to her since the beginning of the week and telling her, "Look baby, St. Nicholas!" And now if I ask her where he is, she turns her head, points her little finger and "Ummm, ummms" until I walk her over to it. Where she smiles some more and delights in this dear saint. I know St. Nicholas is looking after us.

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JennGM said...

Thank you for your prayers! Aren't those cookies delicious? I didn't bake this year, but my family brought over a little baggie of cookies for my shoes. Advent and Christmas for me isn't the same without a taste of those cookies!