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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Advent Week 2

This week we will be reading, crafting and working with:
A Small Miracle
The Lady of Guadalupe
The Shoemaker's Dream
Again, there are many other books in our basket that get read as the urge hits us.
Older children will continue reading their Advent selections.

We will all study the Holly Fairy and add him to our notebook.

We will be very festive for Our Lady of Guadalupe, my birthday. I have always felt very close to her and especially love that she protects small miracles in the womb.

St. Lucy's feast will find us celebrating a special anniversary with dear friends.

The Jesse Tree MLB work continues.

The little girls learn about the prophet Micah for the Catechesis work.

Crafting and baking kick into high gear. I'm pretty sure I have all my ingredients ready to go. I so want to share, but don't want to give anything away.

There are some straggling orders to place before time runs out and home to continue to prepare for the King.

And I will try very hard to post some of our work....soon.

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Elizabeth Foss said...

Happy Birthday Marisa!May God bless you and Our Lady of Guadalupe particularly hear your pleas and bring you joy!