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Monday, November 05, 2007

Freeze Your Buns Off?!

I saw this over at Elizabeth's and it is too cool not to pass on. My main motivation is how much I hate writing out the HUGE checks to the gas and electric company.

Check it out here.

Our goal will be 68 day and 65 night, though I am seriously considering bringing those down a wee bit more. Honestly, my hesitation is our canary R.J., I don't want him to catch cold.


juli said...

we always do 68 during the day and 65 at night during the winter. but we're cheating a little this year since we put a space heater in antonio's room. i can't my precioso get cold at night! :)

Benjamin said...

We get down to 62 at night and something like 65 in the middle of the day. 68 in the morning and around 5 pm until 11:00. Basically, I turn it down until Claudia notices. Same thing for the hot water heater.