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Saturday, November 03, 2007


One year ago, Betsy Bruton went home to Heaven. I wrote about her funeral here.

I think about her very often. My heart aches that this sweet child is no longer with us on earth and when I fell that sadness I know I need to pray for her dear mother. I think about her when I begin to lose patience with my own children. I often stop and ask Betsy to pray for me and show me how to love them when I find it most difficult to be a nice mommy. I often ask her to intercede for my own dear children when they are sick. I know this little girl is very busy in heaven, praying for us and blessing us in so many ways. My children dream about her often. Anna does not fear death at all, because, she says, "Betsy died. She's in heaven. I'll see her when I die." My husband reminded me last night that we are not sad for Betsy. She is enjoying the eternal face to face. She prays for us now in a far more perfect way than we could ever pray for her while she was with us on earth.


Anne (aussieannie) said...

a beautiful posting...

Anonymous said...

We must continue to pray for our dead, apart from the canonised saints most people not in hell will be in Purgatory,entirely dependent on our prayers & sacrifices..God bless