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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Take a Big Breath

Thursday was rough to the very end. That is the mystery and beauty of the way of life I've chosen. Thanks be to God that in the end, my struggles are so very small.

Friday was better. I fought the urge to take the day off. I often feel like that after a hard day. But I know God wanted me to persevere. It was a light day. But we did all sit around the table to hear about the Blessed Mother's Birthday and the story of Joachim and Anna and everyone colored an icon. We read stories.
And then we went to lunch with my parents. We visited their "tiny house", the 2-level apartment that is their temporary home until the house is repaired. And we visited the "broken house" as Anna has named it. That was hard. Really hard. And my heart aches knowing how painful this is for my parents. The little girls all made butterfly crafts this week that they wanted to give their abuelos. I struck me how appropriate this was, because the house that was won't be there again, but something new and beautiful will be, and that is enough reason to give us all hope and see beyond the cocoon of blue tarps and plywood.

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