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Monday, September 10, 2007


Yes, one week in and I am rethinking curriculum. I am not crazy.

This is the first year of "teaching" Anna, so I'm trying to feel out what will work for her. I had looked at these programs over the summer and downloaded a ton of free Waldorf resources and ideas. Now I'm thinking this first grade program may be good for Anna. I am thinking about this because one of her favorite things to do is look through her notebook from last year. She pores over the pages, lovingly recounting how she remembers learning "this and that". I think the thought of filling up a main lesson book to be loved and cared for would thrill her. She loves to draw her pictures, to write down and show me what she's learned. We're reading tons but I know part of her doesn't get the point because she is not "doing" anything.

I am also still struggling with math for Carmen. I've been looking over this for her. As much as I love Math-U-See, this may be a better fit for her this year. And it is a pretty complete program.
Carmen is a puzzle to me and I am struggling with meeting her where she's at. I have to run kids to clubs, more on this later.

And now the hard part....$$$$$.

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Diane said...

No, Maria, you're not crazy at all. It's so hard to figure out what will work with each child. I'm constantly rethinking it all.

My prayers for wisdom and discernment...especially when it comes to the $ part.