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Thursday, July 12, 2007

I saw Harry Potter!

Not a hint on the movie....but this happened....

We had Agnes with us. She fussed a tiny bit. No wailing of course. We had picked a matinée for precisely this reason. The theater was full of families, kids and teens. Including the girls in front of us who did not stop fussing with their cell phones the whole movie. At one point I did have to get up and stroll with Agnes because I knew she had enough of sitting and was fixing to cause a scene.
As the movie emptied and I waited for Dave and some young woman breezed by me and said, "Next time get a babysitter." Not to my face mind you, because that would take courage. A woman who had been sitting in our row (with her family) was walking by at the same moment heard something and turned to look at me in shock. I just smiled and shook my head to let her know I just let it roll off my back. Dave joined me. I didn't tell him what I had heard, no need to upset him. But I admit, I was slightly embarrassed and wondered if perhaps it was not wise to bring her. We stepped outside the theater and then the entire family that had been in our row came our way. God bless them! She apologized for the remark made by the other woman. They said it was cool that we had come with the baby. That she was most welcome and not to worry they hadn't been bothered in the least.
Thank you Lord for the kindness of that family. Do something special for them today.

And the movie...is AWESOME!

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juli said...

i'm so jealous!!! we're seriously considering taking antonio to see the movie with us. i figure i could just feed him if he starts to fuss. i don't care if i turn into a human pacifier, i REALLY want to see the movie!!

by the way, i thought your kids weren't allowed to read the books...how come you're allowed to see the movie?