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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Writing Every Day

Hmmm, that didn't really happen, did it?

Sheesh, even as I try to type now I am being showered with questions!

To be brief, we have been busy and will keep busy. June is packed full of stuff. I find myself constantly reminding myself to take on event at a time. Otherwise everything starts running together in my brain and I get very overwhelmed. Today I'm just looking forward to the pool opening this weekend. But I have decided that we will keep "schooling" (and yes, I will get back to my VERY neglected learning blog) through the summer. I am very comfortable with our pace right now. Mostly. I think we could pursue some topics with a bit more vigor and meat. And the home plans stalled out a bit, but still forging ahead. This weekend the laundry room was thoroughly cleaned. My husband made the observation that I probably fall behind with the laundry because that area was overrun with clutter. Some concentrated time to clean it up and the space is much more inviting (well, as inviting as a laundry room can be) and easier to work in. And so a lot of laundry has been done today and it doesn't even feel like it. I really should listen to him more.

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