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Thursday, May 03, 2007


living life that is. And, I must admit it is so much easier to just read all my favorite blogs than hunker down and try to come up with something witty to say. My battle with the blog is always feeling like a very bad writer. The kicker is I love writing. I learned to love it in high school when I had a wonderful English/Literature teacher who encouraged me and allowed me all kinds of creative outlets. I wrote some great papers in my college experience. And I have always off-and-on journaled. I love reading. I love books! But with seven children I find I never read for pleasure anymore. Frankly it is a matter of laziness. Elizabeth did a series of posts on burnout and they really got me thinking. Taking even half an hour to indulge myself with a book is not selfish or wasted time. I need this. Just like I have to work extra hard to feed myself properly every day, I must make this effort to feed my mind and soul. And I need to write. I must get over my inhibitions and insecurities. So taking the time to do just one blog post every day is not wasted time. God has mercifully blessed me with happy active children. I know I am a better mother and wife when I take the time to sing a new song, even if I think I'll never sing perfectly on key.

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