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Friday, February 09, 2007

The Middle of a Long Day

I didn't title this the end, because it is still early.

We had co-op today. Anna was off to her preschool group, which she loves with all her little heart. Carmen and Sam went to Music/Science where they got to take apart owl pellets. They thought this was the coolest thing ever. The big girls and their two friends (and Kay) just came back here to play with friends for a few hours. Yes, just play. Frankly, I just didn't feel like planning (can you imagine?) one more schoolish thing. And so they played. It was delightful that these girls, all just around 11 years old, give or take, could dump out the dress-up clothes and just imagine a morning away.

After it was off to the used bookstore to find all the Little House books. High time we read those and I wanted to be sure to have editions with the original illustrator. I was prompted by this sad post from Melissa Wiley. Of course, also accomplished today was the purchase of all her titles from Amazon. The Rose and Caroline yeras will have to wait a few weeks for more funds.

Then on to Target for lots of stuff. Of course, everyone was hungry again by now so I compromised and we all got drinks at the snack bar. Everyone wanted icees. I agreed and deeply regretted it. A little voice told me, "Too much sugar! NOT GOOD, especially if you have to get a lot of stuff!" Did I listen? Noooo, I wanted to be fun mama.

So halfway through shopping, three year old is rather...excitable and crying...loudly. I got that feeling of someone watching me. I looked down the aisle to see and older lady staring at us. I turn away briefly and hear her say (I am not making this up!), "Oh, Shut Up." I looked up stunned as she walked away. I turned to Lilly "She did not just tell my three year old to shut up?!" I was so shocked...I did nothing. Lilly's saying, "Go after her!" I thought about. But what could I possibly say to a woman so small that would make any difference. So I prayed that she be released from whatever had made her so bitter. When I told my husband, well this is a family blog and he is not known for his decorum when it comes to his children being hurt or offended.


juli said...

you should have just followed her around the store with kay crying. of course, i might have told her to go f*#@ herself. but given that you have small children, i guess you set a better example by turning the other cheek.

Andres & Julia Stell said...

I couldn't believe that lady did that. It made me livid reading about it. You just don't mess with my family. Although maybe it was better that I and Julia weren't there, as some un-Christian things may have been said that we'd regret later to the elderly lady.