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Monday, February 12, 2007

Basketball DIaries: Game 5

This week they took pictures so it was a loud, somewhat busier day of basketball. And early, as the girls has to be there at 9:45 for their picture.

What a day it was! The girls played their best game yet. They started out behind, slowly working hard to get within reach of winning. The last half was very close, two points between them for most of the last quarter. And boy did they play well! The whole team just pulled all their skills togther. They executed plays, passed beautifully, and took great shots. In terms of technique, they looked beautiful out there.
And the excitement of that last quarter was so much fun. In the end, it was Maddy who got a great steal, ran the ball down the court, missed with her shot but then caught the rebound and passed it out to her teammate who made the shot and tied the game with less than thirty seconds. They got a quick turnover again and Lilly drove down for the winning shot. They won 19-16.
Maddy was thrilled as those last minutes of the game she played guard, something she's been dying to do. I can't wait for next week.

Sam's team...still needs a lot of work. Oh well, the boy is having fun and I love watching him handling the ball, bringing it down the court. He really has learned great ball control and this week he did some of the best passing we've seen him do yet, earning him an assist on at least one shot.

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