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Friday, January 05, 2007

Feast of the Epiphany

We have a tradition in the family for celebrating the Feast of the Epiphany, or as my children like to call it, King's Day. I'm not sure how exactly it happened. A few years ago my children spent the night at my parent's house on the eve of the feast and had a special brunch in the morning. Then I think we just decided to keep doing the same thing every year. Of course my sisters and I have added on a few more kids to participate each year. So this year there are eight grandchildren in their house. Us lucky parents will join them in the morning for brunch.
So to get ready today we talked about the significance of the feast and what each of the gifts represent. We made cards for for everyone (to be distributed tomorrow). We talked about some of the special customs around the world associated with the feast like blessing salt and eggs and marking your doorway with blessed chalk for the new year. This last one is one they want to do. Maybe we'll try tomorrow afternoon. Basically you write 20+C+M+B+07 over your main doorway to remind you to be ready to get up and go when Jesus calls. The C,M, and B are the initials of the three wise men. Then the four older children narrated/wrote poems or prayers to celebrate the feast. These will go into the Jesus and His Family scrapbook project we will work on throughout the year. I'll post on that later.

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