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Friday, January 05, 2007

Basketball Diaries

The kid's basketball season has officially begun. Thank heaven Maddy and Lilly can be on the same team this year. That means only two practices and two games each week (as opposed to last year when we had three).
This year Dave is assistant coaching the girls. The head coach is a wonderful woman that has coached either Maddy or Lilly the past two years. The girls are thrilled, I mean THRILLED that there father is coaching. They could lose every single game and my girls will still have sweet memories of this season being coached by Papa. The first practice was yesterday. The other great thing about this is that he took Sam with him as well, so Sam got to "help" out at practice and felt like he got special "man" time with him too. Earlier in the day Dave took them out to buy proper basketball shoes. Its the first season we've done this, so you can imagine the excitement.
But, typical of my dear husband, who does just about everything to perfection...he says to me the other night, "I have a bunch of studying to do." I asked him for what, expecting to hear about some obscure piece of networking equipment or protocol. No, he needs to "brush up" on basketball plays and techniques. Last night, he was so concerned that he didn't explain things properly to the girls and wondering how he and Maureen (coach) would be able to teach them a screen play. I love him.

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