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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Er...Happy New Year!

Well, having read my extremely optimistic post on Dec. 30th regarding school plans for this week I must admit...I didn't quite get it all together.
It is not all my fault. Carmen was pretty sick (high fever, no energy) and is still quite congested and yesterday I began the new year with a somewhat less intense version of what she had. Add in a baby that has been waking up every hour on the hour every night for the past week and a half...well, I'm working on it.
So, we will still start school this week, with some fun stuff preparing for the Epiphany, just not today. I also need to buckle down and plan about six weeks worth of school, as I find that we always work best when I have everything ready and planned way in advance.
I'm going through the annual lets-change-everything-about-how-we're-doing-"school" angst so I think I will start with prayer, because God knows best what will be good for our family and I know He will give me the grace to do just that.

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