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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blessed Lives

Yesterday was the March for Life. Many great blog entries have been done by many talented writers. Many have posted pictures and shared their experience. Check Amy Welborn's. She does a great roundup.

But today I want to share a couple of posts that speak in a deeply Catholic way of what it means to be truly open to life.

First, there was Elizabeth's post yesterday. I posted my own comment over there. I'll mention here how much this spoke to my heart. As I sit here, right now, my Maddy is coloring with her sister. My Maddy who was so unexpected. She started Dave and I on this journey, this incredible colorful, full life God has blessed us with. It has not always been easy. We have struggled in many ways. But I know if not for her little perfect baby self, the journey may not have been the same. But start us she did. And because of that my sweet Agnes is fast asleep in her bed. And all my blessings, playing together, loving each other, and bringing Dave and I into heaven and calling us to lives of holiness.

Today I read this post from Diane. A mother's heart is a mother's heart, by biology or adoption.

God bless all these women, all mothers and all of us willing to be open to life, knowing the risk that comes with it.

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