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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Baby Love

Agnes does such good for my soul! Sometimes when I am nursing her, she stops in the middle of her gulping to turn her lovely blue eyes, framed by her even lovelier eyelashes to gaze intently at me and grin from ear to ear. My son loves that grin because, he points out that, sometimes she grins so big, she shuts one eye.
Last night, Agnes was all done nursing, settling herself down to sleep in my arms. She didn't want to eat anymore. But she wouldn't shut those little eyes and let herself drift off to sleep. She struggled against it, just to be able to gaze up at me and smile, for a few more minutes.


Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

My Henry does the same and it makes me melt. It all goes by so fast, I'm trying to enjoy every waking moment..if I don't fall asleep from lack of it.

Alice said...

What a darling she must be! We are still in the babymoon phase here as well, and it is wonderful!