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Monday, December 04, 2006

What a day!

Sometimes it doesn't matter what your best laid plans are...

After madly putting together a very cool, fun, informative, perfect theme week of lessons on St. Nicholas and Our Lady I was determined to joyfully start in on it this morning with everyone. I had carefully selected books and reading selections, copywork, art projects, geography...

So Lilly is doing the dishes and cuts her thumb on a knife...

Off to the emergency room. Thankfully, no stiches required, just a dab of glue to help it heal quicker. Thankfully, only 45 minutes gone. So a trip-to-Walmart-and-eating-a-Burger-King-lunch-in-the-car-later we began our St. Nicholas unit. It worked for the most part. I think tomorrow will be better as everyone will be in calmer state of mind. And there is a craft to do tomorrow. They all love that.

Of course, I didn't get to the laundry, taking out more Christmas decorations, cleaning and we'll see how I drag my tired self through getting them fed dinner.

Did I mention Dave was sick all weekend and I think it got me too?

Did I mention that the cable went out early this morning?

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