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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Take a Deep Breath

When Mama stands in the kitchen and says. "I'm freaking out!", there may be a little too much going on.

To sum up...

Tomorrow we film for the kid's Christmas video. Does Sam have his poem memorized? (Not quite.) Is Carmen ready to deliver her lines without mumbling or talking out of the side of her mouth? Has Maddy completed the poem she wrote to recite on camera? (Almost, she assures me.) Has Maddy filmed her video? (No!) Have we finished the ornament gifts they are giving their friends? (Not the big kids.) Have we eaten dinner? Have I finished the laundry I wanted to get done today? Is everyone bathed? Do I have their clothes ready for tomorrow? Will the little girls give us 30 minutes of peace to film the video? Will I remember to burn it to a DVD? Is the basement less of a disaster area? Have I seen Dave since he got home?

Ahhhh, take a deep breath! What would Our Lady have me do with all this busy-ness? Remember Her Son is the beginning and end of all I do and remember it is all for His glory.

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