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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Don't Miss This

I found this article linked over at Amy's. It is wonderful!
Sadly, it quotes the statistic at the bottom that 96% of diagnosed babies are aborted. Lord have mercy!

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juli said...

that statistic, sadly, does not surprise me. i had someone tell me once how her sister was pregnant but they found a chromosomal abnormality and "had" to take the baby, as if they were given no choice. and this woman was the mother of a child with special needs!! you probably could have heard my mouth hit the floor.

i've told andres before that after we are done having our own kids, that i'd really like to adopt or be a foster parent for kids with special needs. i feel God has taken me on this path as a pediatric physical therapsit for a reason. and i know i am well equipped with the knowledge and experience to help such a child on daily basis. it's sad that there may not be many kids with special needs to adopt.