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Sunday, September 10, 2006


We had our first Co-op meeting this Friday. I had all six children spread scross three municipalities at the same time.
First Anna and Kay. They were at their preschool group. Very cute. VERY structured. Almost too much for me, as I have gone on my recent journey with Charlotte Mason, especially with the younger children. Still, Anna though a good 6-10 months older than most of the kids, enjoyed it. I hadn't planned on being there, but for some reason, about an hour in Kay became inconsolable and I had to leave where I was with Sam and Carmen (I'll explain that in a bit). Once Anna knew I was there, of course she suddenly HAD to be with me and I kept having to gently redirect her. If I am not there she will do even better. Anna already knows almost all her letter sounds and is a pro with the Leap Frog Frig Phonics (thank you Claudia!) and loves Five in a Row. I'm not really doing much more with her, though I think in a few months she will be asking for more.
Sam and Carmen are in a Music/Science Co-op. This week they got to meet a semi-professional flutist and try out the flute. They made some homemade instruments. They are going to learn the basics of music, including playing the recorder, and the orchestra. I always mean to do more music with the children and it never quite happens (other than attending various performances) so I am VERY excited about this. I bought the same text my friend is using and some extra recorders (very nice Yamaha ones through amazon for about 50% off the music stores cost). Maddy and Lilly have been begging to learn to play something for years. Lilly got a guitar for Christmas and Maddy wants to play piano (we have a very nice digital piano). Their father has always loved music and plays guitar and sings quite well. So in short, I have been inspired to make music a part of our school day in a real way. It is good for them on so many levels and for so many reasons.
Maddy and Lilly met with what is essentially their girls club. They are continuing to pursue the Catholic scouting program Pilgrims of the Holy Family, focusing on the humanities. They are currently working on the Communications badge, which will culminate in their own radio show production. Of course, there is a music badge as well. I think I will tackle some of the requirements for this when I have them next month, hopefully with the baby in my arms.
By the way, I suppose this could be a whole new post...but my Lord! How could I have forgotten all the drama of pre-teen female friendships! Yikes!

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