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Friday, September 08, 2006


I didn't really intend to post anything on September 11, but I caught this Peggy Noonan piece through Mark Shea and I have to share it.
I was pregnant with Anna at the time and I remember fearing in a new way for the world my child was going to enter. Certainly there was a sense that our world would change drastically. I was comforted by the life growing in me. In fact, that fall and winter a whole slew of babies were born amongst the community of homeschoolers I was a part of at the time. It was a lovely gift from God to welcome so much life even as we knew and grieved over so many lost.
When I first started this blog, I did comment on much that was political, but I have drifted away from that over the past months, perhaps as I turn more inward to prepare to care for an infant again. Still, I am dismayed over the war we find ourselves in. I am dismayed by an administration that considers "by whatever means because we are America" to be a divine right. In the end, just as on that day five years ago we only have prayer and hope.

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