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Sunday, August 27, 2006


This morning I finally made the porridge that I bought on our trip to Atlanta this May. We bought it at Nora Mill Granary, right outside the town of Helen. Helen is an "alpine" reproduction town. Very touristy and cheesy and excatly the kind of thing I love. My sister Julia bought perhaps the best tasting fudge I have ever had. On the way out we stopped at the mill, which is still running, powered by the river. We both had to restrain ourselves from buying all the yummy jams, syrups and grains available in the store. Luckily they ship. Julia bought grits and funnel cake mix which we made for a breakfast for dinner. We made tons of food that night. What a feast! I never did blog about the trip, life was way busy. But my sister posted this beautiful reflection that summed it up far better than I could have.
Love you Julia and Andres, Equis and Cornflower. We miss you too.

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