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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Pond II

The pond trip went well. Although it was very hot. We saw two beautiful white ducks...on the other side of the pond. And they were not moving. There were also some geese. Apparently the heat was too much for them too. We tried to entice them to come over with some bread, but alas no, they were not gettting in the water (which was very low as we have not had significant rain in some time). The big kids did their nature study (though I had to keep reminding Maddy that no, she chould not add something to the scene she was drawing that was not actually there). Anna drew a duck, but informed me it was orange because other people had taken all the yellow pencils. Carmen did her nature study, after some initial frustration because she could not draw the duck as well as she wanted to. This is a big issue for her, and I think one of the reasons she is struggling with her school work. She has to get it perfectly right all the time. Kay ran around quacking, hoping that might draw the ducks to us. We read The Story about Ping on a blanket in the shade. It was hot. Did I mention that already? But a good outing. My goal is to do this every Friday afternoon. The area around the pond is full of all kinds of things to draw and identify. I think as we get the hang of it (and its not so hot) these outings will be lots of fun.
And I am happy to report that Kay was correct about the monkeys.

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