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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Those Silly Senators

Yes, I know I shouldn't listen, but the Senate is debating another important bill today. It criminalizes the taking of a minor across states lines by a non-parent to procur an abortion in states that have parental consent laws. The misuse and abuse of language is once again astonishing. What are they really afraid of? I think they fear that good, loving parents involved in their daughter's lives would not permit their minor daughters the pain and death of abortion. Of course they talk about the all the mean abusive parents out there that might kill the daughter if they found out they were pregnant.
They tried to pass an amendment to confront the "real problem", teen pregnancy. This is of course "comprehensive" including all the appropriate details about all the methods of birth control. Because that way, teenage girls can be sure to inform their abuser or rapist to take the appropriate measures so she won't get pregnant. And he'll be kind enough to do so I'm sure. But should she get pregnant, God forbid we not allow her loving Grandma to steal her off to another state and quickly be rid of the evidence of his crime.

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