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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Yes, I have been scarce, but still determined to blog.
First husband went to California for 3 days. Home tonight (thank God!).
Four year old woke up Monday and threw up, blowing all our plans for the day. What a bummer. The oldest girls were going to sit in on an involuntary mansluaghter case from jury selction through opening arguments and calling a couple of witnesses. A great opportunity, but oh well. Four year old is totally fine by the way.
Tuesday started with midwife appointment. Of course its nearly an hour drive. But all is well on that front. Then off to a local park for a picnic with grandparents and out of state family. Lots of pictures of wild bluebells (will try to post) and lots of sand and dirt. Came home, bathed, hosted same family for dinner. I was smart though, slow cooker beef stew. A wonderful time was had by all.
And today, another friend visits most of the day. Lots of fun.
I am pooped. I am enjoying friends and family but have been fighting some terrible headaches and sinus pain (I think) on the right side of my face since Monday. This afternoon I'm really feeling it. But please check out Amy Welborn's blog. It has been exceptional this week. I am in awe. She manages this while writing and caring for three children. Wow.

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