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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another Audit

The reaction by the USCCB to the scandal is nothing short of ridiculous. I believed that when they first reponded and I am proved right with every passing moment. It seems that little really changes except now our dioceses are full off "programs" that tell children as young as kindergarten about sexual abuse and how to protect themselves.

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David S. MacMillan III said...

Hey Marisa,

I came across your blog via "Next Blog". Not always a good idea, but when you're bored. . . .

You have an excellent blog here. Have you heard of Regenerate Our Culture? It is a multi-faceted blog effort started by such notables as Agent Tim and Spunky Junior. You really ought to check it out! Who knows, you may end up writing for its online magazine!

One note: I just published an article at my website that you might think is attacking you. The title might be somewhat offensive to Catholics. However, the article is attacking the abuses and mistakes in the system of the RCC, not the people themselves. Didn't want to offend you too badly. :-)

Thanks! Keep up the good work!

In Him,

David S. MacMillan III