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Monday, September 12, 2011

Daybook: Back to School

Right now...Kids are finishing up breakfast, though some who shall remain nameless have not emerged from their caves. Late start this morning.

Later today...The start of ballet for Kay and Aggie. Aggie is so so excited. I can hardly wait myself.

Later this week...Here we go! Everything is a go this week. And I am feeling so blessed with our schedule. It is busy, every afternoon. And yet, we are home, every morning and early afternoon. Glorious, peaceful time where learning is happening. More on that in a minute.

Living the Liturgy...A favorite, the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. I have a simple lesson and beautiful icons.

From the schoolroom...Despite the state of the physical room, learning is happening. Not perfect, but joyful and peaceful. Truth is, there are a few things I'm still "planning" for some kids. Good thing is I have plenty of books to be read in this house. And math. But there are many thing working incredibly well. Aggie loves "school". Really I just think she loves being with me and Mara. Let me tell you, her enthusiasm and joy is infectious. Nothing like almost-five-year-old to inspire. And she does. Every day. Even when she's covered in hives like she was last week. (Probably allergic to cantaloupe.)
That is all very vague. If I have time maybe I'll pull together a post with more specifics.

I am praying...For all the sorrows of September.

My sister-in-law as she defends her dissertation.

Students all around the world. 

I am grateful...God's grace that knows best how to plan my days.

Inspiration in the schoolroom.

I am reading...Never Let Me Go
The Story of Charlotte's Web: E. B. White's Eccentric Life in Nature and the Birth of an American Classic
Little Way of Homeschooling

I think there's more, but school needs to start soon.

I'm pondering....The chapter on competition in Ten Habits

Around the house...Since the mega laundry work before our beach trip, we are staying pretty well caught up. I can't tell you what a comfort that is. My schoolroom is a disaster. This must get rectified this week since co-op is at my house and there will be 12 other children needing to use the table currently covered in stuff. And, oh yeah, the last bench from the van is still in the living room from when we took it out for the beach trip.I am amazed by how little this bothers me at this point.

In the kitchen...Meals that work with busy afternoons. The crockpot is my friend. And a teen that can cook.

On the knitting needles...Nothing. I finished a Milo vest for Johnny. It is darling. I really like the pattern. Aggie wants one so perhaps I'll get started on that. I'm feeling like I need some inspiration. Maybe a new yarn just for a special project...Lilly wants a sweater, Maddy a shawl...hmmm.

I am creating...Art. Really. I am doing art with co-op and this means doing it with them. It is hard to let myself go, to draw, sketch and experiment. Also, this time, we really will make the Alphabet Path saints. I mean it.

And sewing...Sigh. I have a sewing machine. I know how to use it. I have even made a few garments here and there. Every year around Halloween I am furiously sewing something. And then there is Carmen. Who wants to sew. Begs to sew. For over a year. She is so upset with me and is becoming cynical. I have to sew with her this year. Especially since it is clear God has given me the schedule to do it. The sewing machine will come live in the schoolroom. I can do this.

Picture Thought...I was looking for a recent picture of Mara, but found this one of Maddy and Lilly.
Made my heart melt. Where did the time go?

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