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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Suds and Soccer

I started this post earlier and it quickly become rambly and incoherent.

You see, I was caught up in the thrill of the US Women's Soccer team win over France.They go on to the final for the Women's World Cup on Sunday. As I wrote, I realized that the post had warped into one about the game they played on Sunday against Brazil. If you love soccer, you know about That Game. (If you don't, goggle it.) Carmen is our soccer player. She loves soccer. Loves. The truth is, as thrilling as Sunday's and today's games were on their own, experienced through eyes of my daughter makes them even more amazing. And I guess this post is just about soccer in general too, isn't it?

It is such a beautiful sport. A game played on big fields, yet centimeters can mean the difference between a win and a loss as a ball just slips past the fingertips of the keeper. A game of stamina where players don't stop moving, don't take timeouts and have to be ready for the long haul knowing that the right shot, even in the final seconds can spell victory or defeat. A game where the best athletes bring their hearts onto the field and are ready to play until they burst.

The US Women play with so much heart. So does Carmen. She gives every bit of herself to the game. And yet through it all, she is joyful. Just because she gets to play.

And why suds? Carmen, my tough as nails soccer player has long begged to take a "classic bath" (that is her expression, she is full of quirky phrases). She means a fill the tub with warm water (and maybe bubbles) and soak bath. Maybe even read. In our busy busy home, where hot water can come at a premium, and the goal is just get 'em washed and in bed, a "classic bath" seems a luxury. She begged, even asked for her birthday (its coming up). And so, this weekend, Dave bought a stopper for the drain and last night Carmen soaked in a silky lavender and chamomile bubble bath.

And why do these things all go together? I guess, in the end, this post is really just about Carmen.


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Aw... your Carmen sounds like my Little Boo~
Great to find your blog, and thanks for the link!