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Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Daybook

Right now...I'm pretty sure the little girls are playing Alice in Wonderland. Carmen, my struggling reader with a profound love of books, took it upon herself to read the book. She did not want my help. I know there are some words she's not getting and others she guesses at, but based on her retelling to me as she goes, she's completely understanding the story and loves it. Thus, the acting out of Alice in Wonderland (with much embellishment and rewriting) in my basement. I'm counting it as very productive school work this morning.

A little later...I'll head out the door for football and the first round of ballet. A very busy schedule and some things out my control have kept us away for 3 weeks (!) and I realize how much I miss it, or really the excellent company :)

This week...the one week with a lull in the sports schedule. I can hardly believe it. Thanksgiving at my sister's house. It is going to be wonderful. My contributions:
Green salad of mixed greens with pecans, dried cranberries (or pomegranate, haven't made up my mind yet) and ricotta salata (because I'm not all that fond of feta, but I wanted a salty bite to the salad) with blueberry pomegranate vinagrette.
And last but not least, cranberry cheesecake pie.

I'm pondering...what to get my children for Christmas. I want to have all the Christmas shopping done in the next 2 weeks (and I do mean ALL), so I need to get down to business, make decisions and start ordering.

In the schoolroom...took some time on Saturday and cleaned up. Looks great.
I am grateful...Maddy was able to celebrate her 16th birthday with her great-grandmother. She'll go back to Florida soon and we'll all miss her so much. 

I am praying...for my sister and my cousin, getting ready to greet new babies in December. My daughter's friend who's been coming to Mass with us. Elizabeth. My husband's intense work schedule, in December, of course.

Living the Liturgy...Advent, Advent and more Advent prep. I got a new set of purple lights that will compromise part of our decorations until the tree goes up the week before Christmas. Need to pull out the advent wreath, candles and the nativity sets. I would LOVE to have this, but I don't think that's not going to happen this year. I also would love to add this (and they have a little wood stable to go with it too) to the nativity sets. I love its simplicity. Finishing up how I want to work the Jesse Tree this year, much simplified. Need to pull out the now familiar basket(s) of books. Maddy and I saw the Playmobil advent calendar at Wegmans yesterday (though it was only $20 there) and she begged me to get it. We'll see. And of course all the saints and feasts! I love Advent!

In the kitchen...Um, should have started the beef stew before I sat down to post this. 

Johnny...when he says "chinese food" its the cutest thing I've ever heard. Also "football" and "basketball/". The little man seems to love sports.

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