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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Image from Conciliar Press
Sunday I didn't so much attend Mass as I babysat some very active little ones. I was physically exhausted and  feeling spiritually drained. In that moment of weakness, I was angry. I could spill so many words telling you just what had me feeling so angry, all my justifications and reasoning. But in an instant, a flash of grace, He gave me the one word I needed. The choir was singing. It caught my attention. Savior. I felt the tension in my body, the anxiety in my mind give way a little bit. Savior. My Savior does not wait for me to drag myself out of the pit. No. He came down, to be like me, to know that weariness in the shoulders and ache in the legs of a long day. Savior. He reaches down to me, pulls me up and in many ways takes my place in the darkness. He doesn't wait for me to have it all together. He rushes to me now...and saves. Savior.

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