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Saturday, June 19, 2010

10 Reasons Why I Love Soccer

1. Mexico beat France.

2. England had a scoreless draw.

3. Watching your team come back from being down 2 goals is the most thrilling thing ever.

4. A well played game of soccer is poetry in motion.

5. Because my Carmen loves it so.

6. No other sport can bring the whole world together.

7. World Cup Cuisine :)

8. The fact that South Africa is hosting the World Cup this year is a testament to man's capacity for change and forgiveness.

9. Best crazy, superstitious soccer fan moment ever:

Yesterday at my parent's house, when the U.S. scored their second goal, at the moment it happened, my father was opening the basement door for Kay and holding John. He missed seeing the actual goal. When the U.S. set up for their penalty kick very near the end of the match, we decided to recreate the same circumstances. Abuelo ran to the door with John in his arms and Kay waited outside. At the moment the ball was kicked, we yelled to Abuelo, "Open the door!" And then....WE SCORED!!! (Sadly, for reasons yet to be fully explained, there was a foul called and the U.S. was robbed of a win.) Even so, the thrill and joy of that moment as Kay proclaimed, "I scored a goal!!!!" was magic.

10. Yesterday at my parent's house was pure grace. Both my sisters (though we missed you, Carlos and Jenn and so happy we'll all be together on Sunday), all the cousins, my parents, a bountiful shared lunch, exciting soccer, jumping up and down and howling "GOOOOAAAALLLLL" for our team. Oh my, God is so generous...and then just looking ahead to Sunday when we will celebrate my parent's 40 years of a marriage full of love and joy and the love and dedication of fathers...oh how grace abounds!


KackyK said...

I loved this list! Especially #9! And I concur on #4, only I can't get my dh to go for that one!

cyj said...

It was soooo much fun!