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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Graces Big and Small

When we humbly make ourselves available to every grace Our Lord wants to bless us with, even the midst of a full life, very quickly we can see how generous He can be. Today I'm pondering...

The grace of the Holy Eucharist and the simple joy and faith children teach us when they receive Him for the first time.

Good and holy priests.

A three year old eager to help mama empty the dishwasher.

A nine year old eager to learn how to wash the dishes and do her very best at it.

Sitting on a small sofa with four children and watching a movie.

Teen daughter's joy and excitement about their beach vacation with their grandparents.

My sweet baby boy's laughter.

A hard working husband, traveling far away this week, all in the service of his family.

Learning and stretching in prayer and faith, following the lead of the Holy Spirit, and a dear friend to share the journey.

Did you know the virtue for May in Small Steps is grace? I had purchased the wood letters for grace way back in February thinking about all the sacraments we would be celebrating. How serendipitous! Reading the selection for each day is proving to be a wonderful way to frame my day and focus my prayer and service to those around me.

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