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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hidden Suffering

kYesterday was difficult. Little girls couldn't sit still. An active baby wanted to crawl far away and get into things not meant for babies. A three year old thought clip-clopping in big shoes right as I tried to teach would be the perfect way to pass the time. I was frustrated and frazzled wondering if I was crazy to think I could possibly teach these darling little girls. How can anyone learn with such business and life happening noisily every.single.minute.

Since Maddy's Spanish class is at the parish, and Johhny can now be left at home having lunch with his siblings, I have resolved to use the hour of her class in the Adoration Chapel. I sat down, prayed the Office of Readings (which was a treasure trove of grace, but that's another story) and turned to my book.

The Way of the CrossI'm slowly reading through The Way of the Cross by Caryll Houselander this Lent. About 2 Stations a week. I want to really ponder them, draw them in, learn from them.
From the Second Station, Jesus Receives His Cross:
Because Christ has changed death to life, and suffering to redemption, the suffering of those who love Him will be a communion between them. All that hidden daily suffering that seems insignificant will be redeeming the world, it will be healing the wounds of the world.
How those words spoke to me. In a moment, all my frustration with the morning was redeemed. That struggle, and don't all moms have those hidden daily sufferings, because of Christ,  can change the world. Change the world! And so I prayed for the grace to keep this always in my mind, and in the moment, turn it over to Christ, who carried my burden of sin, my cross. I unite my tiny, but never insignificant suffering to his, and He lifts me up, unto Himself.

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