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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Real School

Just so that I'm real around here...be assured that homeschooling in my home is not always exactly, um ....idyllic.

This mornings hour (yes, just one good hour, because...well, you'll see) was a series of interruptions that resulted in my saying things like this every few minutes:

"Just please go to the basement for a little while Aggie....please....please."

"No Aggie, don't glue anything right now, I'll fix your fairy."

"Kay, DO NOT touch your sister with your toe again."

"Sam! Grab the baby. He's headed for the stairs."

"Anna and Carmen, you are too old for me to have to stop to tell you not to shove each other."

"Aggie! Don't pull your brother by the ears!"

"Carmen! Grab the baby, he's headed for the stairs."

"Anna, get that look of your face and please change your attitude right now."

"Sam! Clean up Aggie's hands before she touches anything, she's covered in green chalk."

"Aggie. PLEASE go downstairs."

"Kay, keep still."

 And imagine a very squirmy active one year old wanting to nurse and crawl around,at the same time.

On and on it went. Sigh. There's always this afternoon.

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Cindy said...

I am SOOO glad that this doens't just happen in our home!