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Monday, September 14, 2009

Daybook: Into the Thick of It

Right now...I was trying to convince Aggie she did not need a bowl of oatmeal along with her bowl of cereal (and the banana coconut muffin forthcoming shortly from the oven). I failed.

Very soon...Banana Coconut Muffins. Mmmmm.

This week...bracing myself for the very busy schedule. Spanish, ballet, soccer, tae kwon do, choir practice, co-op. I am committed to keeping a sense of order. Google calendar is my friend. Careful meal planning. And cloning myself...oh ummm, I guess that's wishful thinking. How about bi-location?

Relying on...plenty of grace to carry me through. Grace and good habits. Maddy nagged me for completely skipping some meals this week. Sit down and eat lunch with us she implored. She's so smart. So, as much as I commit to feeding the family healthy meals, I must set the example. Every day. And sleep. If I can barely keep my eyes open at 10 pm, why fight it? John's sleep can still be very unpredictable and I've learned the hard way I simply cannot function properly when I allow myself to get completely sleep deprived. And if I really need that half hour nap, I need to take it and not feel guilty.

One of my favorite things...watching Carmen play soccer. How she loves the game! And she is so competitive. They lost their first game. I had to remind Carmen that we do not hang our head or make little fists as we walk off the field. I'm always impressed with how her playing matures and improves each season.

Looking forward too...my brother's wedding and so thankful we got to visit with him and Jenn this weekend and be a part of all the planning. Such a beautiful day planned, full of family and very good food ;).

John...Have you ever seen a tiny baby crawl? It is very funny and a little creepy. He's almost taken off on his hand and knees. I'm thinking this week he'll perfect it. He says "papa".

Living the Liturgy...Triumph of the Cross, Our Lady of Sorrows (much to ponder and pray for this year), St. Joseph of Cupertino (the flying saint!).

Praying for...so many grieving families.

Picture Thought...

Soon, very soon!

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Andres and Julia Stell said...

who's doing tae kwon do? i hope not anna. :)
thanks for sharing. i just sat here and skipped breakfast while i fed the kids and tried to catch up on stuff. you're right about setting the example.