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Monday, August 10, 2009

Simple Daybook: Impossibly Hot Day Edition

Right now...I can hear Aggie playing with Sam and smell some beef browning for lasagna.

As soon as I'm done here...I'll help Lilly assemble and bake.

This week...I'm going to try to stay home most days. Between doctors, camps, theme parks and family events (don't get me wrong, we love it all, except maybe the doctors) I feel like we've been running non-stop. This week I must, I really really must finalize the school plans and start placing orders and reserving at the library. Did I mention the AC is also not working in the car? It is so miserably hot, just the thought of getting in the car makes me sweat.

John!...gained nearly a pound in 20 days. This is big news for my little guy and I'm hoping the start of a plump trend. We'll' show the GI doc my babe is growing, he's just got his own plan, like he has from the day he was born.

Grateful for...all my dear family. I love each and every one of them so very much. Happy Anniversary Julia and Andres! God bless your sweet family (especially on your hotel adventure).

Praying for...Matthew's family.

Living the Liturgy...lots this week. We'll focus on St.Clare (Maddy's saint day) and the Assumption. Hmmm, need to have Maddy help me pick a special food for tomorrow.

Schoolroom...completed plans coming soon. Reworking materials and space...again. I have to make it work for Aggie. She just loves being in the middle of it all with the big kids. She loves one-on-one directed learning and often begs to do an activity. And of all things, I think part of school budget this year will most definitely mean buying a backpack carrier for John. He loves mama.

Coming soon...sports overload. More on that later.

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Andres and Julia Stell said...

You can always look for a backpack carrier for John at REI's scratch and dent sales. That is where we picked up ours for more than 50% off.