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Monday, August 17, 2009

Daybook: Count My Blessings Edition

Right now...
I am nursing the baby and hoping I just have a little cold. Please...

A little later...Laundry, though we're not behind (hooray). I cleaned out one set of shelves in the schoolroom, on to the next. More sitting in front of Google calendar trying not despair. Actually laying out the first 6-8 weeks of lessons on the calendar. This is the hardest part for me as I try to find the perfect balance between just enough structure but not so much that I feel like a hamster in a wheel.

In my constant prayers and thoughts...the Barretts and the Snows. Friday was such a long day and my afternoon was one disaster after another and all I could think about was my 14 yo. I knew where she was, she was safe and I smiled and thanked God for every single complication.

This week...still rather quiet. Maybe we'll bowl. Carmen swims with a friends. A doctor appointment for John (what else is new, but this should be a simple well-baby check, pray for more weight). A water party on Friday. Oh, yeah, I think Lilly babysits. Maybe not so quiet.

Liturgy...Confession is awesome. God provided the perfect situation yesterday after Mass to get me in. Now I just have to get Maddy and Lilly in this week. Monthly confession will be scheduled into the calendar. Tomorrow is St. Jane de Chantal. At the time I attended my high school it was run by Oblates of St. Francis de Sales, so she is favorite of mine. Queenship of the Blessed Mother on Saturday and Kay has tea party birthday to attend, how perfect is that.

Reading...ugh, no time for much reading. John's sleeping has been a disaster (I think he's teething) so my brain is fuzzy most of the day and I can barely keep my head up at night. Still, I want to finish this book.

Schoolroom...organizing, getting baskets ready, reserving books and yes, still making purchases. I keep telling myself that what I need to spend this year is still only one-sixth the cost of sending one child to a private school. And well, the joys of having them home are priceless.

Picture Thought...crazy blogger is messing with the formatting...Argh! Can't get the picture in.

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