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Monday, July 13, 2009

Daybook: Now It Feels Like Summer

Right now... I am nursing the baby.

Very soon...back to the grind, still organizing and cleaning and a bit later pick Sam up from camp.

Pressing on my mind...two appointments with specialists for John next week. Thankfully, the doctor arranged for them to be on the same day at the same place. I think the thought that my life may change drastically next week is what is spurring my organizing frenzy, why I feel like I MUST have everything set for schooling come mid-August. There is grace there, these things keep me busy and can only benefit the family no matter what happens.

Still missing...my parents. The wonderful vacation continues!

Praying...for John.

Thankful for...my dear husband. Such a rock for me this weekend.

Schooling...ugh, so all-over-the-place with plans. I thought I knew exactly what I was doing, but now I'm rethinking ALL of it.

This week...Sam enjoys one his favorite thing (basketball camp), I'm quite sure we'll be at the pool, Carmen's birthday, big kids see Harry Potter with Dave.

Picture thought...

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Black And Red said...

Well we never went to the pool...