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Monday, July 06, 2009

Daybook: 1...2...3 Jump Back In!

I love the idea of the Daybook entries, but have been feeling the need to personalize it a bit more. Bear with me, it may be a few weeks before I have a format that works for me and how I think. So here goes my first version...

Right now
... I am nursing the baby.

Very soon... I will return to cleaning and decluttering my main floor. An experience this weekend really brought home why I really love and value order and cleanliness. I know in the long run the whole family needs to work on better routines and habits. I know what I want the "end product" to look like. It is not Martha Stewart or perfection. It is my home as a haven, ready to welcome others. It is a mother ready to take on each day, not feeling always behind. It is time and freedom to just have fun with all these little ones. One day at a time.

Later this week...Sam's birthday, a free movie, more blueberries and the pool. Somewhere in there a good grocery store run...oh, and time with cousins. Maybe bowling.

Praying for...oh, so many intentions. Selfishly, praying for my little John, hoping he'll just start gaining and we won't be needing answers to tests.

Thinking about...starting journaling again. You know, writing things down, in a book. I bought a journal, cheap, simple, just my style. It has been sitting on a shelf in the front room.

Missing... my parents. They are having a fabulous vacation in Spain. I'm so happy for them and just a wee bit envious of the culinary delights they encounter every day. Having lots of fun following my mom's occasional updates on facebook and dad's messages from the ipod.

Well, lets say I need to really get down to the nitty gritty of school planning. Not sure when we'll start, but definitely need to start making some purchases. I have lots of things planned...in my head. I'm also needing to remind myself to keep my eyes on my own paper. So much talk about workboxes lately...fighting the urge to jump in to "new" thing everyone is doing.

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Andres and Julia Stell said...

oh, how i love pictures of chunky toddler hands. they're the best!