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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Small Successes: Hoping for a Big Success Edition


1. I baked my very first cherry pie. It was very very good. I'm very happy I have a frozen one waiting for later.

2. I let my big girls go to the pool, by themselves. Lest you worry, we live across the street so making sure they're not getting into trouble checking on them is as easy as looking out the window.

3. I didn't burst into tears at John's appointment when I discovered he's still not gaining enough weight. We've got to check on some things, but like the title says, we're hoping and praying for a big success for my little boy very soon.


ViolinMama said...

I'm right there with you....my baby is a year old tomorrow and still 16 pounds...small for her age. It will come. I will be praying for you!!

Great list!!

Barbara said...

The tree in our back yard has sour cherries, so I know how good they are for cooking. There's nothing like having it in the backyard, but I'll tell you--the ones you picked are much redder than what we usually get. We have to compete with the birds and squirrels, but I guess they can't decimate a whole orchard as quickly as they can our one tree.

I like to make cherry cobbler because then I don't have to worry about how thick or runny the saucy part is. I found a GREAT recipe in Cook's Illustrated new book: The Best Skillet Recipes. It's in the library, and you could easily make the cobbler without using a skillet. I've been meaning to post the recipe myself, but haven't gotten around to it.