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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Treasuring the "Firsts"

I know I've said it before, but I will say it again (probably until the day I die), God gave us such a miracle when John was born healthy at 34 weeks. He came with me when he was less than 48 hours old. But he was still a preemie and the past 4 months have been a lesson in patience and trust in God.

John is a delight, full of smiles and giggles these days. He looks around, studies the world around him. We have waited 4 long months for him to hit some milestones. These past few weeks they've seemed to come all at once. I have treasured every single one with a tremendous joy and gratitude.

Last night, he was fussy. I knew he wanted to settle down for his nighttime routine and fall asleep. I needed to put away some laundry first so I could actually sit on my side of the bed. So I handed John to Dave. John was not happy and started crying in earnest. As I moved around the room, I spoke to Dave. John suddenly stopped crying and started turning his head and body so that he could find me. It was the first time that I really saw him recognize my voice. When I couldn't be found right away he started crying again until I rescued him. Then he treated me to the sweetest little whimpers of relief. Mama had him at last. I love this boy, so much.

(Photo credit to Tina, who snapped this stunning picture at co-op.)


Tracy said...

Well doesn't that just melt your heart? What a cutie patootie!

FWIW, my ds was born at 36 weeks and a friend's at 34. Both boys, twelve years later are healthy, smart 12 yo boys!

Lilleh D: said...

Just saying, (in response to your title) nice job working John in there. :]