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Friday, May 08, 2009

Blast from the Past

They still sell this stuff? I saw it a Wegman's today and its left me feeling so...nostalgic. Which might be a nicer way of saying old. That would be Lilly's opinion. That's the last time I tell her "Glory Days" in an awesome song (very fun to shop to, kind of puts a spring in my step).

And in other nostalgia today was a facebook chat with Tina about the superior auditory musings of such geniuses as Def Leppard and Rick Springfield. (And Tina, I've also seen U2 in concert.)


Katherine said...

I've seen U2 in concert too. :)

Never worn Jean Nate...but the memory of that corny jingle made me laugh.

With love in Christ,

Tina said...

U2, too?!! I have been so deprived. I really need to get a babysitter and get to a concert fast! At the rate I'm going, my grandchildren will see a concert before I do! :-)